Altruist Customer Management India Private Limited

Our People

What is our people strategy?

For an industry that leans heavily on people to deliver, Altruist has continually designed platforms and implemented steps to address the very challenges that cripple the BPO industry.

We foster highly engaged and friendly work environment that encourages innovative ideas to stimulate growth and value addition. We are passionate about the work we do. We follow a transparent system keeping the communication channels open, thereby enabling people to communicate ideas and suggestions.

Altruist is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the grounds of gender, colour, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, marital status, disability or political affiliation, and ensures no employee or applicant is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

Welcome to Altruist

  • Our new hire induction sessions make for interactive discussions between new hires and key stakeholders from Altruist (HR, Branch Management, Training team etc.).
  • Our interactive sessions also cover the Altruist vision, history, culture, values and a broad outlook of our organization achievements and the road ahead
  • With over 70% of our workforce joining us without any formal corporate experience, we find it equally critical to help our new hires transition from ‘Academics’ to ‘Organization’. This is achieved through the rigorous 1 month training program that brings about this unique exposure.
  • A special graduation ceremony organized for those employees who have successfully cleared their training ensures that there is value, outcome and reward at the end of the training period.

Funchaayat – Fun @ Altruist For Our Employees

With a Fun Committee that brings fresh and innovative ideas to bolster teamwork and fun at work, Funchaayat is a unique group of individuals who come together with a fun agenda every month, aimed at reducing work related stress, involving employees from various functions to participate in competitive sports (Sports Day), inter-team events and celebrating festivals of our country with aplomb.

Inviting Families To The Workplace – Altruist’s Annual Family Day

The term ‘BPO’ has led to the birth of many varied perceptions, such as work timings, type of job, spending late nights, future career prospects and we believe that the origin of all these perceptions start from households. Our unique practice around involving and inviting our employees’ families to our workplace has provided us a rare head-start from our contemporaries. Families, spending an entire day with us get a fresh perspective surrounding the BPO industry and also provide them with an opportunity to interact with other employees of our office and our Leadership team at Altruist.

Our employees need to ‘know’ what’s happening @ Altruist

  • We believe in clear and open channels of communications to cultivate highly engaged environment. It is a key endeavor of our leadership team to let our employees know the health of the company, what to look forward to and promote our people policies periodically. This is achieved through newsletters and blogs, interactive leadership town-halls reinforcing the message and journey of the company.
  • Our robust Employee Self Serve portal enables our employees to access and update information (such as attendance, leave information, birthday greetings, personal and pay related information) related to them as well as educating themselves with the company’s people policies.
  • We are equally committed to hear the voice of our employees to make it a truly two way communication. We achieve this by way of regular open sessions; skip sessions, team huddles to understand the pulse on the floor.

Rewarding Our People

Nothing beats the spirit of ‘performance’. At Altruist, we reward our star performers every month with our attractive R&R (Reward & Recognition) programs and incentive schemes both at domestic and global level.

Serving the community

At Altruist, we believe in giving back to the less privileged. Our various community initiatives help bring our employees closer to the ones who need a helping hand.